Quenindiola is a Galician expression which describes something amazing. And that is exactly the aim of this Galician brand: making different artistic products which, apart from behaving as souvenirs from Santiago de Compostela, are attractive little pieces of art due to their design and quality and, above all, to being “Quenindiola”.

Our goal is providing a modern reinterpretation of icons from Santiago de Compostela, particularly those relating to the Way of St. James, on artistic silk-screen craft with a strong and unique personal style.

The key point of difference of our materials is a registered Galician technique resulting in visual and tactile features which provide astonishing originality, simplicity and beauty.

Moreover, all our products are flexible and portable, which make them perfect as gifts.

This will certainly be an unforgettable souvenir from your visit to Galicia’s capital city.